East Burke School

Opportunities for Local Homeschoolers!

Are you interested in art or music?  Or need extra help in math?  Or perhaps you want to engage in hands-on science experiments?  Or take part in group discussions in Humanities? 

This year we are offering home school students in grades 7-12 the chance to take one or more of our classes on a semester basis or for the full year!  Any student enrolled in this part-time program is welcome to come for lunch and special school-wide events, and use our space for independent work.  We are excited to work with you to fulfill your academic and social needs so that EBS can become a positive, fun, and engaging component of your Home Study Program. 

Families with children enrolled in this program are responsible for submitting information about their child's academic work with us to the VT Department of Education's Home Study Program.  We will assist with this as much as possible so that the process is made easy for you.  Also, since we are an approved independent school, it is likely that towns with school choice will cover the cost of tuition.