East Burke School

Exciting Plans for 2016-2017!

For the 2016-17 school year East Burke School's students have chosen to engage the themes of The Great Outdoors, Food, and Controversy.
In the fall trimester our school community tackles The Great Outdoors. On the Humanities side, students created guiding questions like "What behaviors do all animals exhibit? What behaviors are unique to humans?" and "Why is 'roughing it' used as a temporary adventure rather than being a way of life?" The school will read Into the Wild and then pursue independent research projects answering those questions. In science, students will immerse themselves in biomes, outdoor survival, and the ecology and biology of Vermont. We will use Darling and Willoughby State Forests and Victory Basin Wildlife Management Area as our classrooms.
The winter will be devoted to food. Students will both learn about and cook foods across the globe's cultures. They will also study the origins, domestication, and current modes of production of major food crops. 
Spring will see us immerse ourselves in controversy through an integrated humanities and science curriculum focused on competing methods of energy production. We will study both the rhetoric and science of petroleum, natural gas, solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. We hope to visit sites housing infrastructure of each.
Come join us!