East Burke School is a transformative place for students, parents, and teachers alike.  Take a look at what some of our community members are saying about their experience here.
A Student Perspective
"People are able to interact. [...] There's a lot of talking and laughing here, especially during lunch."

"My last school was small but silent. We shared a space with other businesses, which meant that if things got too loud, we would disturb the rest of the building. So, we sat in front of a computer silently for hours and did online work.  It’s less boring here because people are able to interact. Students at EBS are not quiet—I’ll say that for sure!  People here are talkative, but not in a disruptive way. There’s a lot of talking and laughing here, especially during lunch."

​~Justin Knowles,

EBS Student

"We watched our child flourish as she settled into this positive learning environment."

"We watched our child flourish as she settled into this positive learning environment. We reflected with concern about how shutdown she had gradually become at her previous school without us fully recognizing it, until we saw the contrast at East Burke School.  She has enjoyed pursuing her personal interests with the support of her teachers and advisor there and we have been thrilled with the results." 

​~Julia Tucker,

Parent of three EBS students

A Parent Perspective
A Teacher Perspective

"The magic of East Burke School is the size.  It’s the best job I’ve had in part because I’ve never, in previous teaching positions, been able to think about each of my students to the degree that I can here."

​~Brandon Mazur,

Teacher & Principal

An Alumnus Perspective
"EBS kindled an eagerness to pursue the things I am most passionate about."

"I graduated from East Burke School in 2008 after studying there from eighth grade through high school. There is no doubt in my mind that those formative years at EBS shaped my perspective of learning, working, and living through a diverse curriculum with ample opportunities to try new things. [...] Often exploring the Kingdom trails, mountain biking or otherwise, or on Burke Mountain, I found countless occasions to challenge myself both physically and academically. [...] Perhaps the most lasting attribute of my experience at EBS is the sense of ownership the faculty and students created for our community in the form of friendship and academic curiosity. EBS kindled an eagerness to pursue the things I am most passionate about, especially if those endeavors bring me out of my comfort zone, which they have countless times. Lastly, as far as I could tell, most everybody liked each other and I genuinely enjoyed spending the day at school with my friends and teachers."

​~Casey Calamaio,

EBS Alumnus

A Student Perspective
"[...] The school is so small that the teachers have time to work with me outside of regular class time."

"I started at East Burke School as an 8th grader.  I originally decided to go to EBS because I had been homeschooled all my life and it was a smaller school with very individualized learning so it wouldn’t be as hard for me to transition from being home-schooled. I also play hockey, which means that, during the winter, I need to have a flexible schedule.  East Burke makes it easy to do that because the school is so small that the teachers have time work with me outside of regular class time.

East Burke School offers a unique learning environment and individualized instruction.  I am still in classes with the other students, but if I have an idea for a project or I need to make up missed class time because of hockey,  I can meet one-on-one with teachers.  East Burke School is great for all learning styles because of the personalized attention available."

​~Aleta Mathers

Former Student

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"I used to struggle in big schools, but EBS gave me a chance to flourish and gain confidence in myself, and now the crowds don't bother me as much." ~ Nicole Tucker, Alumna