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Charlie Delaney

Director of Operations & Facilities, STEM Instructor

Charlie Delany brings to EBS experience in many different fields. These experiences range from working in the automotive industry as a technician at a Ford dealership, to extracting microbial DNA from deer ticks to help understand the ecology of Lyme disease. Becoming a teacher has always been a goal for Charlie, and after graduating from Lyndon State College with a B.S in Sustainability Studies, he set his sights on achieving that goal.  Charlie has been teaching at EBS for over five years now and is looking forward to many more years in the classroom. When not in the little blue schoolhouse, he can be found working on his farm and spending as much time as possible with his family.


Sean Dobbin, President
Nicole Bartfeld, Vice President
Hannah Pearce, Secretary
Sam James
Vanessa Norway
Christine James
Bill Mutschler
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Megan Durling

Director of Communications & Development, Humanities Instructor

A native New Englander, Megan spent the last decade exploring America's cultural and natural richness while teaching through-out the country.  After earning her B.A. in Anthropology and Environmental Studies from Mount Holyoke College, she began her education career with Teach for America in the Mississippi Delta. She then took a brief hiatus for graduate school at St. John's College before relocating to teach science and philosophy in Phoenix, AZ.  Seeking  both family and rainfall, she and her husband have returned to the East Coast along with their two dogs, where they look forward to settling down and enjoying everything the NEK has to offer.  Outside of EBS, Megan can be found gardening, exploring the area's hiking trails with her family, and training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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Nathan Bradshaw

Director of Curriculum & Programming, Mathematics & Humanities Instructor

Born and raised in Western North Carolina, Nathan has spent almost 15 years teaching a little bit of everything just about everywhere.  The generous John M. Belk scholarship allowed him to attend Davidson College, where he earned an A.B. in English and once stole the ball from Stephen Curry.  He later earned an M.A.L.A. studying the classics at St. John's College, where he met Megan.  He is overjoyed to have followed her to EBS, where eclectic improvisation and lifelong learning are job requirements.  Nathan's interests have wandered among guerrilla stage & audiobook productions, Euclidean & hyperbolic geometry, Emersonian & Nietzschean philosophy, Indian & soul food, American & French revolutions, and Marvel & DC comics.  Now he gets to add gardener, stonemason, sous-chef, and videographer to the list of amateur titles, with many more to come.