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Mission Statement

WE ARE A RESILIENCE SCHOOL.  We prepare our students to confront 21st-century challenges through critical literacy, creative thinking, and collaborative action.

We recognize that our youth will inherit a society in political, economic, and ecological crisis, and that facing these challenges will require bold and innovative action.  Emphasizing the democratic values of freedom and unity, we cultivate among our students a sense of possibility and a spirit of determination to make the world a better place. 

Together with families and local partners, we are raising the next generation of Vermonters to steward our land and communities for the sake of generations to come.
Our History
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EBS was founded in 2003 by a coalition of local educators seeking to serve a key need in the NEK: an institution of student-centered, progressive education at the high school level.  Almost two decades later, we're still meeting that need.

Our Pledge

Read our Community Pledge and Behavior Code here.

Our Values
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An EBS education is about much more than academics. We strive to cultivate in each of our students qualities that will help them become successful, thoughtful, and good-willed participants in their communities.




Our students...

Our students...

Our students...

  • express their ideas with honesty and humility

  • ask questions to develop their own ideas

  • govern their own behavior

  • develop the courage to live by their own principles

  • recognize their own agency

  • seek to serve the community

  • welcome disagreement in a healthy democracy

  • solve problems together despite their differences

  • refuse to surrender to adversity

  • persevere through difficulty

  • take responsibility for bettering their world

  • work to restore and maintain our land, our climate, our community, and our democracy

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