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Mission Statement

The mission of EBS is to embrace learning as a natural process of human growth by teaching the critical skills that will prepare students to be innovative, creative, and responsible in our global community.

East Burke School is small, and intentionally so.  With three staff members and a maximum enrollment of eighteen, our students often comment that EBS feels rather like a family than like a school.  This observation speaks to more than just our size: because we purposely limit the number of students on campus, we are better able to treat learning as a natural process unfolding differently within each member of our community.  By tending to the innate curiosity within each student, we foster joy and creativity in the learning process, promoting senses of identity, purpose, and responsibility as our students seek to define their place in the world.
Our History
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EBS was founded in 2003 by a coalition of local educators seeking to serve a key need in the NEK: an institution of student-centered, progressive education at the high school level.  Almost two decades later, we're still meeting that need.

Our Pledge


Read our Community Pledge and Behavior Code here.

Our Values
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An EBS education is about much more than academics. We strive to cultivate in each of our students qualities that will help them become successful, thoughtful, and good-willed participants in their communities.




Our students have...

Our students can...

Our students show...

  • the courage to live by their principles. 

  • the desire to be honest with others and with themselves. 

  • the humility to accept when they are wrong.

  • ask questions to guide their learning.

  • govern their own behavior.

  • solve problems innovatively.

  • conduct their own research

  • think critically to evaluate ideas.

  • a recognition of their own agency

  • empathy towards their fellow humans. 

  • leadership in service of others.

  • a sense of responsibility to make the world a better place.